Unmet Needs

Assistance League Outreach

Assistance League Outreach helps to fulfill critical, unmet needs in the community by providing services or goods on a one-time basis.

Responding Quickly to Assist Other Agencies

Examples of agencies helped by Assistance League Outreach include:

  • Brown Bag Cafe (Forest Park Community College): Non-perishable foods to stock pantry for students
  • Haven of Grace: Cleaning products, baby lotion, diapers and diaper wipes for young mothers and their babies
  • Man of Valor, Inc.: School supplies, bedding, hygiene products and snacks for students going away to college
  • Project Ark: Beds and comforter sets
  • Pius V Immigrant and Refugee Ministry: School supplies

Program Impact for Past Fiscal Year

Individuals Served
Students Received Band Instruments and Music
Adults with Disabilities Received Lunches
Volunteer Hours

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