Impact Statements

The following are excerpts from impact statements provided by some of our community partners and scholarship recipients.

"The suits and clothes donated by Assistance League of St. Louis have been instrumental in building the character and self-esteem of the boys. I knew that this partnership was going to be able to create a better version of boys who were in need of change and adjustments in their lives." (Full letter)

Bishop Luther D. Baker
Boys to Men Initiative - Executive Director
University City High School

"The Assistance League partnership is a great resource which has improved our ability to provide specific essential services to our program participants. Having access to those essentials has helped tremendously in removing barriers to work." (Full letter)

Lesley Harris, Community Resource Specialist
Mission St. Louis – Beyond Jobs Program

"The impact of the Assistance League goes beyond donations and volunteer efforts. The Assistance League is a bridge-builder for our community, connecting the Head Start Program of the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis with long-term partners looking to improve our students’ academic and social well-being. The Urban League Head Start/Early Head Start program appreciates the tremendous support and partnership of the Assistance League. Without their countless efforts, the Head Start program would have had a much harder time navigating the landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic." (Full letter)

From Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis Impact Report

"Assistance League of St. Louis was built on a foundation of generosity and love, serving our community by providing essentials for school children. Your volunteers continue to be an example of what is good in the St. Louis Region." (Full letter)

Judge Jimmy Edwards
Innovative Concept Academy

"As a woman pursuing higher education, I am well aware of the many challenges that we face in achieving our dreams. Nevertheless, with the help of organizations like Assistance League of St. Louis Project Annual Scholarship for Women, we are able to overcome these obstacles and strive towards successful and fulfilling lives. I commit myself to making the most of this opportunity, and I am deeply grateful for your belief in me and my abilities. Your kindness will not be forgotten, and I promise to use my education to make a positive impact in the world. Once again, thank you for your wonderful support, generosity, and dedication towards empowering women like myself. I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity that you have given me."


"I am a mother of young two children. The scholarship will make the difference in my life because it will support some of my tuition so that I can focus more on school. The scholarship will also encourage students like me to get the better grade and motivate to get higher education. Not only will the scholarship support me financially, but it also I will inspire me to pursue my dream career like accountant. Because of the scholarship, my motivation towards education will be strong and I will get the better at that. Moreover, I can also tell my children that I get the scholarship because of my hard work and endurance in classes. My children and my family will be proud of me. The scholarship is like the door opening to me to achieve higher education, so I can get the higher change to be successful in life, and I can give back to my community and society."